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Expressions Classe Classroom Expressions

Question Answer Repeat Repetez There is/there are Il y a Where are Ou sont I need J'ai besoin Okay D'accord I would like Je voudrais Why Pourquoi Because Parce que Thank you Merci Sorry Desole(e) I don't know Je ne sais pas Who Qui Where Ou When Quand You're welcome De rien

A&P QUIZ A&P QUIZ chapter 1-5

Term Definition disease condition in which the body fails to function normally Gross, Macroscopic Anatomy large body structures visble to the naked eye Microscopic Anatomy the study of structures that can be seen and examined only with magnification aids Negative Feedback body decreasing response Proteins are molecules made of long chains of amino acids Phospholipids..

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Biol1020 Term 1 Year 1

Question Answer Nucleus Found in animal and plant cells, not bacteria. Contains all of an organisms genetic information (multiple linear DNA molecules) Nucleolus? rRNA transcription and processing and ribosome assembly (plants and animal cells not bacteria)/ What does the chromatin consist of DNA and protein. Only plants and animals. What is the function of the..

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English vocab

Term Definition prudent acting with or showing care and thought for the future. consultation the action or process of formally consulting or discussing. formidable inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable. mutiny an open rebellion against the proper authorities, especially by soldiers or sailors against their officer pitiless showing no..

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Foynesfr Le Camping

Question Answer Sous une tente in a tent Pres de near Loin de far from Un parc aquatique a water park Un parc d’attractions a theme park Un laverie a laundry Un plat a emporter a take away meal Un lavabo a washhandbasin Un sac de couchage a sleeping bag Une poubelle a bin Un..

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Root words 1

Question Answer Acou Hearing/sound Acro Futhest/highest point Aero Air/gas Alt High Ambi Both An Not/without Ante Before/preceding Anti Against or counter Aqua, aque, aqui Water Audio Hearing Auto Slef/same A Not/with

TOEFL-word-fenlei-1 AmericanCal

Question Answer ???? astronomy ??? 1. astronomy : astro-,??,-nomy,??,??? astronomer n. ????,???? astro-,aster- : = star, ??“??” ,??????-er : ????,?????? astronomical adj. ???? astro-,aster- : = star, ??“??” ,??????nam-,nom-,-nomy : = law,????,?????,????-nomy = a field of knowledge, ??“???????”?-ical : ????,“…?”? galaxy n. [?]?? ??;???; galact-,lact- : = milk, ??“?,?”,lact-?galact-?ga-??????? macula ???? macul- : = spot,..

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vocab 1

Term Definition fugitive someone fleeing prosecution prodigious extra ordinary in size lofty extending high in the air avenge to take vengeance muster to assemble for battle pitiless showing no mercy mutiny rebellion against authority formidable causing fear or dread consultation a meeting for discussion prudent wise

List 22

Term Definition Molify make soft Ichthyologist fish scientist Polygot multi-linguist diaphanous semitransparent somniferous bringing sleep sinecure an easy lucrative job soliloquy speech to oneself adherent supporter abjure renounce caustic burning confluence a flowing together depose topple from power egomania self-obsession egregious blatant analgesic painkiller chiromancy palm reading oligarchy government by a few intractable stubborn intransigent..

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chapter 13 journalizing and posting payroll

Question Answer Salaries expense The expense account often used to record employees' earnings Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) System used by large businesses to deposit federal tax payments my electronic funds transfer. Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) Law that requires employers to pay unemployment taxes to the federal government. Form 8109 Federal Deposit Tax..

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Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Term Definition genre A category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter. objective Based on facts rather than feelings or opinions prior knowledge Knowledge that comes from previous experience criteria Something that is used as a reason for making a Judgement or a decision annotation..

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ch 1

Question Answer accountant a person whose job is to keep or inspect financial accounts accounting clerk records transactions in billing, purchasing, payroll audit an official inspection of an individual's or organization's accounts, typically by an independent body. certified public accounting They are well-respected strategic business advisors and decision-makers. They act as consultants on many issues,..

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ions 2

Question Answer Silver Ag+1 Cadmium Cd+2 Copper (I) Cu+1 Cuprous Copper (I) Copper (II) Cu+2 Cupric Copper (II) Iron (II) Fe+2 Ferrous Iron (II) Iron (III) Fe+3 Ferric Iron (III) Cobalt (II) Co+2 Nickel (II) Ni+2 Chromium (III) Cr+3 Lead (II) Pb+2 Tin (II) Sn+2

Acc ch1

Term Definition Accountant a person whose job is to keep or inspect financial accounts. Accounting Clerk records transactions in billing, purchasing, payroll, accounts payable or accounts receivable Audit an official inspection of an individual's or organization's accounts Certified Public Accountant a member of an officially accredited professional body of accountants For-profit business may be formed..

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Sue-Drill Sentences2

Question Answer J'aurais dA» y penser I should have thought of it Il ne manquait plus que cela That's all we need So j'ai bonne mA©moire If I remember correctly Sur-le-champ On the spot

Miguel 1.02 key terms

Question Answer autocorrect A feature that replaces symbols, commonly misspelled word, and abbreviation with specific text strings. Clipborad A storage area that temporarily stores the items for a user to paste in another location of the document or office file. Copy A command in Word that places a duplicate copy of selected text in the..

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week 5 vocabulary week 5 Vocabularry

Question Answer Admonitory Expressing reproof waring adulation excessive or slavish admiration or flattery beleaguer trouble constellation a configuration of stars dialectical related to or in accordance with philosophical concept by which a new entity is produced from two oppsities belie to give a false impression of consterntion amazement or dismay that hinder or throws into..

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vocab part 1 ict2

Question Answer accept use policy an acceptable use policy is a document stipulating constriants and practices that a user must agree to , for access to the internet cybercrime crime conducted via the internet or some other computer network enter key it is the keyboard key that is pressed to signal the computer to input..

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7g english vocab

Question Answer facsimile a copy,an imitation deficient not having enough,lacking petrify to scare,to frighten affection a feeling of love or liking suffice to be enough transact to carry out agenda a list of things to do coagulate to clump or clot cooperate to work with,to be helpful to operational in working order defunct no longer..

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Term Definition lundi," Monday, mardi Tuseday mercredi wednessday jeudi, thursday vendredi friday samedi saturday dimanche sunday je suis alle i went j’ai joue i played j’ai achete i bought j’ai regarde i watched j’ai mange i went to eat Qu’est-ce que tu as fait? what did you do Ou est-ce que tu es alle ?..

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