Question Answer
overturned ???, ??, ??(???????????) Di chaotian, Qingfu, fanzhuan
to learn by studying another's experience (story of western pilgrimage for Buddhist scripture )We've come here to learn from your experience ??(??????)????????????? Qujing
pioneering work(Hybrid technology is one of the many innovations developed by the automotive industry) ??(???????????????) Chuangju (shuang ch?y)
Combustible ice ??? Keran bing
An archaic term for a kind of jade spoon used to ladle wine during sacrificial rites ? Zan
Potassium nitrate ??? Xiaosuan jia
Potassium ? jia
Chinese fir ?? Shanmu
carbon ? Tan
quiet(The days were serene and quiet) ?(???????) Mi
scratch (he scratched his chin); (Scratch marks)The telltale scratches on the lock showed that it had been picked. ?; ? (??????); (??- Gua hen)????????????????? Nao; Gua
cholera (d?ch t?): Cholera is an infectious disease that causes severe watery diarrhea ??, ??? Huoluan, bieluosha
sand perch ? ji
to curl up / to linger on (sound)(clouds of cigarette smoke swirled) ??(?????????) Liaorao (lieo rao)
to repair / to renovate ?? Xiuqi (tu t?p)
Down and out(an impoverished writer) ??(???????) Laodao
deny(to decline an invitation) ??(??????) Xiejue
Anchor ?? Tie mao
Stands; stand up ??, ?? Chuli; Suli
to meander, wiggle, winding(Yellow River follows a winding and tortuous course) ??(?????????) Wan yan
to sew, to embellish(The garment is studded with pearls) ?(????????.) Zhui
??, the legendary inventor of the Chinese writing system ? Jie (hi?t)
to squat / to stay (somewhere) ? Dun
thi?u ? Shao
to take on (responsibility etc): ??: to find work ? (?-Jiao-stir) Lan
Stalking ?? Dingshao
precious stone / gem ? Chen
Fox hunting ?? Lie hu
To suppress(to mount a punitive expedition against bandits) ?(??)??????????????? Jiao
(work) Performance ?? Yeji
stir ? Jiao
introduce ? Shao
Anhui ? Wan
precipitous: dangerously high or steep ?? Xianjun (hi?m tu?n)
grant(granted membership of WTO) ??(????????????????) Zhunyu
Bruises ?? Yu zhong
to pound (grain) / beat(to pound the wheat into flour) ?(???????) Chong
to spread, to apply; sufficient, enough ;Perfunctory:lam cho co l? ?(??)(?????(apply); ???????(sufficient) Fu (Fuyan)
rugged: (of ground or terrain) having a broken, rocky, and uneven surface ?? Qiqu
shrub ?? Guanmu
Gap ?? Fengxi
Pull, drag, haul (You push while I pull) Pull over a chair(Even nine strong bulls cannot get it away) ?(?????)??????(???????) Zhuai (pull); ye (drag, haul)
Fastened(Secure the anchor by lashing it to the rail) ??(?????????) Shuan lao
Left and right swing ???? Zuo you you dang
1. swing 2. sway back and forth (Tarzan and jane were swinging on a vine)( floating about; drifting gently; restless and drifting purposelessly ??(????-roaming everywhere)(??????????)(????) youdang
Dendrobium orchid ?? Shihu
Head down(She missed her footing and fell headlong down the stairs) ???(?????,????????) Tou chao xia
to rush to, to hurry to(And run to the Promised Land offered by God) ??(???????????) Benfu
superlative craftsmanship(The surging waters carved landforms unlike anything else on the continent) ????(??????????????????????) Guifushengong
guard ?? Shouhu
Awe ?? Jingwei (kinh uy )
Mountain stream ? Jian
May wish to; there is no harm in; might as well (There's no harm in saying what you think) ?? (??????????) Bufang
Multiply ?? Fanyan (ph?n di?n)
Training ? Xun (xuyn)
Said ? Yue (vi?t)
do not exterminate ?? Wu tian (vo di?n)
Ruined, spoil (He squandered all his money on gambling) ??(????????????????) Zaota (chao tha)
Fishing ? Diao
to shoot ? (? – Ge- dagger axe) Yi
????????? ???? (? -Ge – dagger axe) (?: shoot) Yi bu she su
nourish ?? Ziyang
plain, river, creek ? Chuan
To ask, demand ?? Suoqu
To see the insight suddenly ?? Dunwu (d?n ng?)
Gradually realized ?? Jianwu
a natural stronghold ?? Tianxian
to ripple / to undulate ?? dangyang
Blue waves rippling ???? Bibo dangyang
go on and on ?? Mianyan
Rapids ?? Tuanji
pestle ?(??????)??-pestle hollow) dui (tuay)
beach ? Tan
Fiber ? Xian
filter ? Lu
Lifelike ???? Xuxurusheng
to pass into oblivion / to obliterate / to annihilate (physics)(Many ancient cities have long since passed into oblivion)(be rescued from oblivion) ??(???????????)((????) Yanmo (yen m?t)
Shake off(Shaking the chalk powder down) ??(???????????) Dou luo
remote(a remote village) ??(?????) Pianpi
cautious / merry / joyful(millennium ) ?(??) Xi
Figurines(The emperor had these clay figures made instead of burying slave-workers alive as immolation ) ?(???????????,??????????) Yong
armor ?? Kaijia
a bullock ? Jian (ki?n: Trau, bo b? thi?n)
oval(White House Oval Office) ??(????????) Tuoyuan
charming(A solitary willow charmingly hanging down) ??(????????????) Wumei
Gold foil, aluminum foil ??, ?? Jinbo, Lubo
symbol ?? Fuhao
Explain ?? Chanshi
Cai v?a, kho l? thien, an open granary ? Yu
silks ?(??-Palau)(??-painting on silk)(?????-linen and silks) Bo
meditation ??, ? Mingxiang, Chan
cover over / to envelope (Chi?u kh?p, Che trum) ?(???-Guo Songdao-Kuo Sun-tao (1818-1891) dao (thao)
in fear and trepidation ???? chenghuangchengkong
thorny (problem) / intractable (thorny problem) ??(?????) Jishou (chi sh?u)
carving a seal ?? Zhuanke
standing tall and majestic (of physical object such as trees)(standing solemnly when the national anthem was played) ??(????????) Suli
hard to understand; obscure ??(?????-obscure language; ????-hard to understand) Huise (h?i sap)
profound( philosophy is too deep for me) ??(??????????) Shen'ao
Conical bamboo hats ?? Douli
trek(trek a long way) ??(????) Bashe
barefoot(Mary likes to walk on the grass with bare feet) ??(???????????) Chizu
debauchery (excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures) ?? Fangdang (phong dang)
unruly, uninhibited ??(????-playboy lifestyle,????-a bold and flowing; ????-????) Buji
Bohemian (non conformist, free spirit) ???? Fangdangbuji (fang tang pu chi)
Topless ?? Tan xiong
Naked belly ?? Luo fu
Shade(take a rest under the shade of a tree) ??(??????) Shu yin
Rest ?(???????-we took a short rest under the tree) Qi
ape ? Yuan
mysterious (thuy) ? Sui
1. deep 2. profound (deep insight) ??(??????) Shensui
to clamor, to make noise(Away from the hustle and bustle of the city)(A large amount of activity and work, usually in a noisy surrounding) ??(???????????) Xuanxiao
noisy; noisy, arrogant (proud)(They were wakened by a loud knocking at the door) ??; ?(??)(?????????????) Caoza (thao cha); Ao (Jiao ao)
Bowl(begging alms from door to door)(filled a bowl with warm water) ?(????)(??????) Bo
travel ?? aoyou
Stretching, extension(It is better to stretch the tight muscles first)(with bare hands triceps stretch) ??(????????????)(???????) Shenzhan
diarrhea ?? Fuxie
red silk ? jin
Pure white(a snowcapped mountain) ?(?????)?(?)??????? Ai