Question Answer
Your report can be used in court? True
Can you use your notes in court? Yes
Can you use someone else’s notes in court? No, considered hearsay
All reports must have a introduction, body, and ? Conclusion
When using an acronym in a report you should? Use full terminology first then acronym
Typing in all CAPS means? Yelling
What kind of number needs to be provided in all use of force reports? Event numbers
Who should you contact to get event numbers? Dispatch
Can an acting sergeant do a use of force investigation? No
How long can an inmate be held in disciplinary for a use of force incident? Up to 60 days
Where do you complete a use of force report? Blue team
Good time/work time can only be taken on a? CAB
You can review video on a use of force report? True
8 objective factors must be answered in what kind of report? Use of force
Inmates are required to be fully dressed at all times when out of their cells or away from their bunks? True
Pants are not allowed to be? Pegged
Shirts are allowed to be tucked in? False
Male inmates need to have shirts on when returning from the rec yard? False
Tennis shoes are only used for? Recreation yard and movement outside the facilities
How many times are inmates allowed to exchange their shoes during incarceration? None once the initial issue is made
With the exception of official business, are visits allowed meals, count, or facility lockdowns? No unless dictated by special circumstnaces and approved by bureau lieutenant or above
Are personnel not granted unescorted entry or are a part of a tour of the facility allowed to carry a portable telecommunication device into the secure areas of the facility? No
What are inmates allowed to bring to legal visits whether video or contact? Legal work and a pencil
Inmates will not be pulled from an activity/program and given the option for a social visit? True
Inmates assigned to work details will be pulled from their work assignment for _______ visits only? Official – criminal justice and law enforcement visitors
Official visits are visits from? Bail bondsmen, law enforcement personnel, judicial representatives, interpreters, Department of Family Services specialists or social workers
A Detention Services Technician (DST) supervisor will be _________ and must _________all denied, restricted, or terminated visits. Notified and approve
Visits may be denied for? Inadequate ID, improper or inappropriate dress, under influence of alcohol or controlled substance, refusing to submit to search, facility on lockdown/emergency
Visiting restrictions will be for what lengths of time? 1st offense: 15 day; 2nd offense:30 days; 3rd offense: permanant
Visits will start at what time and how long do they last? On the hour and end 50 minutes past the hour
Who is assigned to assist in answering questions, directing visitors, and assuring public and facility safety is not compromised? A roving reception officer (post 20)
All official visits will be annotated on? Inmates ELITE visiting record
Attorneys needing a contact visit at CCDC or NVC must present? Current Nevada Bar Association card
Inmates will be ____________ after each contact Strip searched
Visiting officer will not under any circumstances, enter the public side of the visiting area without first? Calling for a backup officer
If the officer finds that an inmate is scheduled for court what should they do? Contact post 10 so that the visit can be cancelled
Are social visits allowed while inmate is at the hospital? No unless special circumstances or court ordered
How old must visitor be to visit inmate at hospital? 14 years old
What is the max number of people allowed to visit inmate at hospital? No more than 2
How long are social visits at hospital allowed to be for? 30 minutes
How long are attorney visit allowed to be for? No time limit
What must happen before inmates enter work area? Pat search
What must happen before allowing inmates to leave the work area and prior to returning them to their module? Strip search
Can you conduct a strip search during work assignment Yes
Post 9 officers will conduct an inspection of the sharps shadow box at the ________and _______ of each shift and document in ELITE Beginning and end
What kind of shoes are inmates required to wear while in the kitchen? Rubber boots
How often are physical checks done in the kitchen? Beginning of each shift
How often are visual checks conducted to verify that no security deficiencies exist and to verify the count of inmates? A minimum of every 30 minutes
Is visiting between work areas allowed? No
Cooler and storage room door will be kept? Locked at all times
Doors will never be propped open for any reason? True
The post 9 officer will inventory all janitorial equipment how many times each shift and log it into ELITE? Twice each shift
Are inmates allowed to operate “jog” the washing machines at any time? No
Newly assigned workers must do this before they are allowed to work in laundry area? Watch training video
Only mail addressed to or from an attorney, law firm, the Department of the Attorney General, governmental agency, or a court shall be considered? Legal mail
Husband, wife, son, daughter, sibling, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, of grandchild by blood, adoption or other legal determination is considered? Immediate family
A written complaint filed by an inmate with the facility administrator concerning personal health and welfare or the operations and services of the facility is called a? Grievance
Any item or article possessed by an inmate, or found within the facility, that has not been officially issued, purchased from the facility, or approved by the director or his designee is considered? Contraband
Books, newspapers, or periodicals are considered? Publication
All incoming or outgoing mail not meeting the definition of Legal Mail? Personal mail
Any person, whether pretrial, un-sentenced, or sentenced, who is confined in a detention or holding facility? Inmate
Incoming mail shall normally be distributed to the inmates within? 24 hours of being received at the facility
All accepted personal mail shall be opened and individually for contraband and? The flap and stamp(s) removed
Mail found with contraband will be? Separated from acceptable mail and sent to property room to be placed an inmate property bin
Is inmate to inmate mail allowed? No, its prohibited within DSD facilities and all other correctional facilities
An inmate's non-legal mail may be held for no more than how many hours for investigative purposes? 72
Requests to inspect an inmate’s legal mail must be at the direction of the? Bureau commander or Deputy Chief
What are some examples of contraband? Uncancelled stamps, blank stationery, and blank envelopes, cards bigger than 6×8, sexually explicit materials, obscene literature, photos larger than 6×8
Outgoing mail will be mailed within? 24 hour period after being received from the inmate
Outgoing personal mail must weigh less than ? One ounce
Inmates may use only postage-paid envelopes obtained from? Commissary
All outgoing legal mail must be? Inspected in the presence of the inmate to determine if it is legal mail and to inspect for contraband
The community has an inherent right to an expectation of trust in the members of this department, and law enforcement in general, to act with integrity and to conduct themselves in the most forthright manner. True
Members will not conort or other fraternize or associate with known criminals or persons of questionable or bad character. True
Members are allowed to accept or give gifts, letter, trinets, favors from or to an inmate or bartering/making a deal with an inmate? False, must be documented on an ELITE violation report
Members whose family, friends, or relations are arrested locally shall upon learning of the arrest? Advise their supervisor to include an Officer's Report
Members will not knowingly associate with persons of bad character True
What are the 3 types of counts? Informal, formal, and special
Inmates should be placed on what status during a count? Lockdown
During count you should walk to each/cell with what and verify the presence of each inmate? Inmate Locator Cards
Who and how do you submit the count? By telephone to the floor sergeant or designee
Hygiene kits contain what? Toothbrush, toothpaste, and a comb
Hygiene kits are given out when? Upon initial dress out, or at the time they are showered, while in holding
Showers shall be made available to the inmates how often? Not less than 3 times per week
General housing, maximum custody inmates will be able to shower when? Their free time
Holding and restrictive housing inmates will not be issued razors unless? Authorized by floor sergeant or above
Maximum and disciplinary custody inmates will be issued razors during? Exercise period
They will complete their shaving and return the razor to the officer within? 5 minutes
Female inmates will shave in the shower area with an officer in the general area and will return the razor to officer within? 10 minutes
A maximum of how many inmates can have a razor at any given time? 6
Who post a Razor List? Day shift officer
By what time do inmates have to sign up on Razor List to be distributed at what time? 1530 hours and 1800 hours
How often are hair care facilities available to inmates? Not more than once a month, on a written request
What kind of inmates are not allowed to use the barber shop? Inmates in booking and restrictive housing
What is the time limit to each person requesting the barber shop? Maximum of 30 minutes
An inventory will be completed by the housing unit officer when? Before each group of inmates is placed in or removed from multipurpose room
Where are the barber shop clippers stored? Officers supply closet
How often are inmates to be monitored in the barbershop? Every 15 minutes with a maximum time of 30 minutes
List three types of lawsuits most commonly filed by inmates Civil Rights Actions, Habeas Corpus, Tort Suits
True or False: A state cannot be sued directly in a civil rights action True: the suit must be against a "person" and the state is not a person
Give one example of when a supervisor could be held liable in a civil rights action, even if the supervisor did not take part directly in the actions that led to the suit. Occurs in a failure to supervise case
Do inmates have the right to access medical, dental and psychiatric care Yes 24 hours a day
Can an inmate be refused in-house medical treatment because of his inability to pay? No
A ________ will be completed for a change in the breakfast Green slip
A ________ will be completed for a change in the lunch Pink slip
A ________ will be completed for a change in the dinner Yellow slip
There are three types of counts only the ________ will be preceded by announcment via the paging system Formal counts
Informal counts are taken at the shift change and randomly in each housing unit to ensure the presence and welfare of each inmate
Formal counts are initiated at 0330 and 1530 hours to ensure the presence of all inmates within the facility
Special counts are conducted at the direction of the responsible bureau lieutenant or watch commander for special or emergency reason
In cental booking, post 18 officers will conduct an ELITE query of all inmates that have been in booking over _________ 48, 72, and 96 hours, and provide the information to the booking sergeant
OPCON Level 1 low (green)
guarded (blue)
OPCON Level 2 elevated (yellow)
OPCON Level 3 High (orange)
OPCON Level 4 severe (red)
No charges filled (NCF) procedures and NCF must be done within ______ hours of the time of arrest in the field 48 hours
In the absence of the officers immediate supervisor, the officer will be the Arrest Report (AR) package reviewed by ______ ? Shift Lieutenant
All arrest paper work i.e. TCR, DOA will be turned into ______ no later than the end of the shift Supervisor
The TCR must have an original signature on the _____ and ______ copies First and second or page 1 and page 2
________ arrest will be limited to the single most serious offense and generally will not be combined with felony or gross misdemeanor Misdemeanor
When an arrest is made on a local warrant, the _______ will serve as the arrest report (AR) Declaration of Arrest (DOA)
Besides the DOA, all the other pertinent reports connected to the arest will be completed before _________ Officer secures their shift
If an arrestee needs medical assistance to the point of stopping the booking process who must give the approval? Watch commander
An officer may _____ the arrestee prior to releasing them to medical personnel or the officer will submit for an ______ before the end of shift. Cite, arrest warrant
Arrestee will not be booked for any misdemeanors when being booked for a felony or gross misdemeanor except? Crimes against an officer, state mandatory arrests (DV, DUI), when misdemeanor arrest led to finding the felony evidence
The determination that an arrestee needs medical assistance may be made by the _______ with input from the ccdc medical services vendor Booking sergeant
NCF outside the 48 hour mark the release much be coordinated directly with _______, as the authority to relase is out of control of LVMPD DA
The DOA must be completed during? Booking process
The _______ and ________ will be used for all adult arrests excluding misdemeanor citation arrests Temporary custody record (TCR) and DOA
Male inmates clothing Shoes-1 pair
Boxer shorts-4
Female inmates clothing Shoes-1 pair
Socks-4 pair