Question Answer
Ar endings A?, aste, A?, Amos, asteis, Aron
Car QuA© in the yo form only
Gar GuA© in the yo form only
Zar CA© in the yo form only
Er/ir endings A?, it's, iA?, imos, isteis, ieron
Stem Change Only ir ending verbs, and only on the bottom of the chart.
Double vowel verbs Drop the "i" and change it to a "y"
Double Vowel with stem change 3rd Person: drop an "i"
Add accents to all but ellos form
Uir endings Drop "i" change to Y in third person
No extra accents
Guir Don't drop "i"
No extra accents
Irregulars NO ACCENTS
On the chart use the hammer for what is er/ir and what is ar
Imperfect ar endings Aba, abas, aba, A?bamos, abais, aban
Imperfect er/ir ending A­a, A­as, A­a, A­amos, A­ais, A­an