CONFLICT struggle between two opposing forces
CHARACTERIZATION methods by which writers create, reveal, or develop their characters.
PROTAGONIST the main character in a drama or other literary work, usually perceived as a positive or champion character
ANTAGONIST a character in a story or play who opposes the main character, usually one who is perceived as an adversary / enemy
FOIL character who provides a striking contrast to another character, points out strengths and weaknesses of another character. Good vs. Evil
a/an – not or without: apathy – lack of interest or concern
ann/enni : year: anniversary – the yearly recurrence of a date

archy – rule, government : monarchy – government by a monarch
aud/ audi – hear, listening, sound audition – the act of hearing
auto – self automatic: operating independent of external influence
bell – war bellicose – inclined or eager to fight
ben/bon – good benefit – something that promotes well-being

bi, di – two ambidextrous: – able to use both hands equ
biblio – book bibliography: a list of writings related to a given
bio -life biology – study of life