Question Answer
Greek Mythology. Achilles was a baby his mother dipped him in River Styx because the waters gave immortality to humans. Held him by his heel only placed not touched by water. Making his heel vulnerablility.Died from arrow in heel in Trojan War. Achilles' Heel
Today the term has come to refer to a person's area of particular vulnerability. Achilles' Heel
Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. Shylock agrees to finance ships to Antonio. S demands pound of A flesh as punishment to ships. A is spared because S wasn't entitled to blood. Pound of Flesh
This phrase is used to describe someone's insistence on being repaid, even if the repayment will destroy the debtor. Pound of Flesh
Hinduism. not food. If a cow wanders to shop the owner can only lure it out no matter the mess it makes. Sacred Cow
The idiom refers to something that can't be interfered with or harmed in any way. Sacred Cow
Defeated Gauls in the Gallic. Julius casar ordered home by enemies in Senate traveled to Italy. Rubicon was river crossed by JC and troops. Crossing the Rubicon
To cross is to take an irreversible step often involving danger. Crossing the Rubicon
In Sermon of Mount Jesus . The followers were not capable of value. Pearls before Swine
Is to offer something precious to someone, or group unable to appreciate the value. Pearls before Swine