Gross Pay Basic Pay + Overtime
Net Pay Pay an employee receives after deductions. Also called take-home pay
Work Any activity that requires effort
Employment Work done in return for payment
Labour Force excludes Students and retired people
Labour Force includes People who work and people who want to work, but are unable to find a suitable job.
Rights of an employee Receive a fair wage
Have safe working conditions
Responsibilities of an employee Respect employer property
Do a good day's work
If Ann's Basic Pay is $500 and she received $120 for working overtime; her Gross Pay is $500 + $120 = $620
Mary's basic working week is 39 hours. She worked 50 hours last week. How many hours overtime did she work? 50 hours – 39 hours = 11 hours
Mary receives a basic pay of $12 per hour and gets paid double time for overtime. How much does she get for every hour overtime? $12 x 2 = $24
Mary's basic working week is 39 hours. She worked 43 hours last week. She receives a basic pay of $12 per hour. Overtime is paid at time and a half. What is her Gross Pay? Basic Pay = 39 hours x $12 = $468
Overtime = 4 hours x ($12 x 1.5) = $ 72

Gross Pay = $540

Mary's Gross Pay is $540. Her Total Deductions are $200. What is her Net Pay? Gross Pay – Total Deductions = Net Pay
$540 – $200 = $340
Human Resource Manager This is the person who looks after all the ‘humans/staff’ within a company. They are in charge of the hiring and firing of staff, keeping staff records, and training staff.
Contract A legal document that outlines the employee's job, duties, responsibilities, conditions, holidays etc. It must be signed by both the employer and employee.
Induction When the new employee starts the job, the employer usually gives them a few days of training, getting to know the company and fellow workers etc.
Probationary period Also called a Trial Period. If at the end of the period, the employer is not happy with the employee, he will let the employee go.
Job Description Prepared by employer when he advertises a job vacancy. Gives details about the job – duties, hours etc..
Screening Involves going through all the CV's received and selecting the best ones to be called for interview.