Question Answer
What does it mean when a compound is organic? It's contains carbon
What are macromolecules? Large organic compounds
What is a polymer A large organic molecule formed by joining smaller organic molecules together (a house)
What is a monomer? Building blocks of a polymer (the bricks)
What are the 4 macromolecules? 1. Carbs
2. Lipids
3. Protein
4. Nucleic acid
What do carbs do? They use the energy immediately and provide structural support
What makes up a carbohydrate? CH2O
What is the monomer of a carb? Monosaccharides (glucose)
What is the polymer of a carb? Polysaccharide (starch)
What is a disaccharide? 2 sugar units of glucose
What do lipids do? Stores energy and provides barriers
What are they made up of? CHO (heads and tails)
What is the monomer of a lipid? Fatty acids and glycerol
What do saturated fats contain? Single bonds (double bond is bad)
What do unsaturated fats contain? Double bonds
What is the polymer of a lipid? Triglycerides (1glycerol) ( fatty acids)
What do proteins do? Speed hormones, provide energy, and provide support
What are proteins made up of? CHO+N
What is the monomer of a protein? Amino acids (protein shakes need amino acids for muscles)
What is the polymer of a protein? Polypeptides
How many different amino acids are there? 20
What does the R group do? It's makes each amino acid different
What is a peptide? Several covalent bonds
What is a polypeptide? A chain of peptides
What do Nucleic acids do? Store and communicate genetic information
What is a Nucleic acid made up of? CHO+N+P
What is the monomer of a Nucleic acid? Nucleotides
What is the polymer of a Nucleic acid DNA and RNA
What do nucleosides include? Phosphate group, pentode group, and nitrogenous group