Term Definition
aden/o gland
adip/o fat
anter/o before, front
caud/o lower part of body, tail
cephal/o head
cyt/o, -cyte cell
end-, endo- in, within, inside
exo- out of, outside, away from
hist/o, histi/o tissue
-ologist specialist
-ology the science or study of
path/o, -pathy disease, suffering
plas/i, plas/o, plasis development
poster/o behind
stasis, -static control, maintenance of level
spondyl/o vertebrae, vertebral column, backbone
synovi/o, synov/o synovial membrane, synovial fluid
-um singular noun ending
-lysis loosening or setting free
moyel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
oss/e, oss/i, ost/o, oste/o bone
scoli/o curved, bent
ankyl/o crooked, bent, stiff
arthr/o joint
chondr/i, chondr/o cartilage
cost/o rib
crani/o skull
-desis to bend, tie together
kyph/o bent, hump
lord/o curve,swayback vent
bi- twice, double, two
-cele hernia, tumor, swelling
dys- bad, difficult or pain
fasci/o fascia, fibrous band
fibr/o fibrous tissue, fiber
-ia abnormal condition, disease, plural of -ium
-ic pertaining to
kines/o, kinesi/o movement
my/o muscle
-plegia paralysis, stroke
-rrhexis rupture
tax/o coordination, order
ten/o, tend/o, tendin/o tendon, stretch out, expand, strain
ton/o tone, stretching, tension
tri- three