Question Answer
In the cross section of a tree, one year of tree growth is represented by one_______. Annular Ring
Which of the following defects do not occur naturally in wood? Torn grain
The softwood lumber grading category that includes light framing, studs, structural light framing, and structural joists and planks is _______. Dimension lumber
Pressure-treated lumber grades are designated by their preservative retention. How many grades of pressure-treated lumber are available? Three
The standard size of a plywood panel is _______. 2'x4'
Hardboard is only available in thicknesses greater than 1/2". T or F False
the class of type I particleboard that weighs 37-50 pounds per cubic foot is Class ______. Class B
The type of plywood with a hard, resin-impregnated fiber overlay heat-bonded to both surfaces is ________. High-density overlay plywood
The wood strands in OSB are bonded together with _____. Phenolic resin
The panel product that will not support combustion and will not burn is _____. Mineral fiberboard
The engineered lumber product made of laminated wood veneers that are bonded together with exterior-grade adhesive is ____. LVL
The flanges of wood I-beams are made of _____. Solid lumber
The grade of glulam member that is required where the highest-quality appearance is needed is ____. Premium
The process through which concrete hardens by the reaction between water and cement is known as ____. Hydration
The openings in CMUs that are filled to reinforce CMU walls are referred to as _____. Cores
The light-guage steel framing member typically used for top and bottom plates is called a _____. Track
When moving lumber manually, do not pile lumber more than _____. six feet high
A fatal lung disease associated with cement is ____. Silicosis
A potential for hardm, often associated with a condition or activity that, if left uncontrolled, could result in an injury or illness, is referred to as a _____. Hazard
When loading and unloading materials, to assist in your task use your ____. Leg muscles
When covering lumber to protect it from the elements, wrap it tightly with waterproof material to prevent air from circulating around it. False
Bags of cement contain one cubic foot of cement by volume and weigh approximately ____. 94 pounds
To prevent corrosion, light-guage steel framing members are typically ___. Galvanized
Four pieces of lumber measuring 2" thick, 12 " wide, and 8' long contains a total of ____. 64 board feet
Multiply the length by the width to determine the ___. Area
Multiply the thickness, width, and length to determine ____. Volume
Spikes are nails that are longer than ____. 16 d
A small barrel-shaped head with a slight indentation in the top to receive a nail set is known as a ___. Finish nail
To penetrate dense materials, use staples with ___. Spear points
When fastening light-gauge steel framing members to one another and when fastening other building materials to the framing members use ___. Sheet-metal screws
Drive pins or studs should be embedded in hard concrete a minimum of ___. 1/2"
The type of bolt with a square shank, which allows the nut to be tightened without the bolt turning, is a ___. Carriage bolt
To tie the sill plate to a concrete or CMU foundation use an ___. Anchor bolt
The pilot hole for a drop-in anchor must be drilled to ___. The diameter specified by the manufacturer
The type of anchor that has a cutting sleeve, which is used first as a drill bit and later becomes the expandable anchor itself is a ___. Self-drilling anchor
Screw anchors are considered to be ___. light-duty anchors
The type of bolt that consists of a slotted screw or bolt and spring-loaded wings is a ___. toggle bolt
An epoxy anchoring system consists of two parts: a catalyst and a ___. hardener
A type of water-resistant glue that should only be used on oily woods is ___. Casein glue