Question Answer
Accountable Admit when mistakes are made and apologize
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Personal Daily Care tasks
-Bathing, walking, eating dressing
Acute Care 24 hour skilled care for short term illness
Adaptive Devices Special Equipment helping a disabled person to perform daily living activities normally
Adult a day services Care for people who needs assistance during certain hours but don't live in a facility
Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) the use of pets to provide companionship
Assisted Living Residences for people who do not need 24 hour care but require daily care help
Care Team Group of people with different kinds of education and experience who provide residence care
Accountable Answerable for ones actions
Activities of daily living Personal daily care tasks, including bathing skin nail and hair care walking eating and drinking mouth care dressing transferring toileting
Acute care 24 hour skilled care for short time illnesses and injuries generally given in hospitals or ambulatory surgical centers
Adaptive devices Special equiptment that helps a person who is ill or disabled perform activities of daily living also called assisted devices
Adult day services Care for people who need assistance or supervision during certain hours but do not live in the facility where the care is given
Animal assisted therapy The practice of bringing pets into a facility or home to provide stimulation and companionship
Assisted living Residences for people who do not need skilled 24 hour care but do require some help with daily care