Question Answer
Cover out the prickly heat ???? Wu chu feizi
to fall behind the ranks; to be outdated(When the revolution is developing rapidly, some people are bound to fall behind)(a quaintly old-fashioned idea) ???(??????????, ?????????)(????????) Luowu de
Japanese ?? Rixi
My dad lent you ????? Wo ba jie ni shi
To take the overall situation into account without considering one's personal profits ??? Shi dati
Swing (a seasaw)a sandpit, a seesaw and a swing ??(???)?????????????????????(?-Qiao-raise one foot Qiuqian
to tumble, to fall ?(???-,Shuai yi jiao, ??-jiao die) Jiao
poke, kill ?, ? Chuo, Lu
Favorite(He didn't find any desirable partners in the city) ??(to admire), ?((treat as a favorite)????????????? Xinyi, Bi
streamline ??? (?????-streamlined design) Liuxianxing
mellow and full / smooth and round / rich (in voice) ??(???????-a rich melodious voice) Yuanrun
stiff; inflexible; rigid; stereotyped; boring; dull ??(?????-stiff face) Daiban
Depressing ??, ?? Chenmen, Yayi
self drive travel ??? zijiayou
Cross-country Jeep ???? Yueye jipu
bad luck ?? beizi
Irreconcilable (irreconcilable enemies) ????, ???? (???????) Shibuliangli, Buke tiaohe
keep in order / stern ? (??????,??????-You should stop making up, or you will be late.)??- warn) Chi
out of practice ?? shousheng
Comfort level ??? Shushi du
Shelter ??? Shourong suo
rare book / cheat code (video games) ?? Miji
ugly; unsightly; shabby; disgraceful ?? (??????????) Hanchen
Snobbery ??? Shili yan
a short time / a little while ????? yishibanhuir
Stop pulling ?? (?????-Stop pulling at my sleeve)(????- Stick to the point)(????-stop the nonsense) Bie che
errand, assignment ?? (?????-run on errands) Chaishi
to have a connection with/ to be close to what it should be / to be relevant ; to touch on slightly ?? (?????????- What you said is wide of the mark) Zhanbian
commotion, uproar ?? (????????); ??-Saoluan-riot, disturbance Saodong
patent ?? Zhuanli
To push into action, to induce, urge ?? (??? ??????); ?? -Songyong- encourage cuanduo
Very few ?? Liaoliao
Shout ?(??????-why are you yelling? Yao
utter ? (?????????????) Keng
rude, rough, rash ? Lu
Flattery ??, ? Xianmei, Yu
to harbor evil intentions (idiom) ???? Juxin buliang
ill feeling, grudge, obstruction ??(????-bear a grudge) Jiedi (gi?i d?)
To dress up ?? Dao chi
Cultivation ?? Zaipei
gene ?? Jiyin
fashionable ?? Shimao
quack ?? Gaga
biddable (meekly ready to accept and follow instructions), well-behaved, honestly, good-natured ???? (??? ????,???????) Laoshibajiao
to take a fancy to; to settle on; choose ?? Xiang zhong
the condition of an injury ?? Shangshi
to move to another place ??? nuowor
good-for-nothing, hopeless ?? Wonang
to gesture ?? (??????????? – The policeman gestured for us to stop.) Bihua
1. ??? 2. ?? ??-Tuo-drag;??? ????? ???:?????~? ?? (??????? – His shoelace is loose) Tu lu
Keep up appearances ??? Chengchangmian
to pierce / to prod through ?? Tong po
Scattered work ?? San huo
crease; fold ?? Zhezi
intrepid / doughty / valiant/Mau l? m?nh m? ?? Biao han
Vigorously ?? Jin jin
Rational explanation ?? Liyu
accept (a bit reluctantly); make do with ?? (????,???? – The food isn't great, but we'll just have to make do with it.) Jiang jiu
damage ? Sun
The culprit ???? Zuikui huoshou
golden-bright and dazzling ??? jincancan
make insinuations ???? (??-insinuations) Hanshasheying
Doubt (nghi ngh?) ?? Yi yi
(onom.) patter, splatter, click / to smack one's lips / to pull (on a pipe) ?? bada
Rough(rough / uncouth / boorish) ??(?) Cuguang
Grunt ?? Gulu
ghost ?? Youling
fence ? Li
seal (hold one’s tongue) ? (??) Jian
A prairie fire ?? Liaoyuan
Wrecked ?? (??????? – spoil the party) Jiao huang
evil ? Nie
small boat ??(?-small boat) Pianzhou
to dupe (to deceive, trick),to con; to sway, flicker ?? (??????23????)??-taocan-packages Huyou
fund ?? Chizi
Denounced ? Chi (Shu) (xich –dem ra dung (ti?n c?a))
Debt collection ?? Taozhai
pick, carve; stingy ? Kou
chimney ?? Yancong
ending ?? (???? – to end in tragedy) Shouwei
to scare ? xia, he
Wolf (jackal – cho r?ng) ?? (?) Chailang
Probe ?? Shitan
Guilty ?? Fan zhou
to enumerate sb's shortcomings ?? shuluo
grinning from ear to ear ???? he bu long zui
contract ?? Qiyue
discontent; grumble (He grumbled for the entire day) ?? (???????); ??-Tousu-complaints Laosao
Understatement ???? Qingmiaodanxie
involve, drag in ?? Qianche
redemption ?? Shu hui
to cheat on one's spouse / to have an affair ?? Tou xing
framed, planted, fabricate agaisnt ??, ?? Zaizang, Wuxian
lit. helping tyrant Zhou in his oppression (idiom) / fig. to take the side of the evildoer ???? Zhuzhouweinue
Grudge (a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury.) ?? Jiedi
Reputation righted ???? Chenyuan zhaoxue
to exonerate ?? zhaoxue
support … by the arm ?? Chanfu
to repeat a recorded phrase ??? Fudu ji
dedicated, devoted ?? Genggeng
Bedroom ?? Qinshi (t?m th?t)
Hairs ?? Hanmao
Vertical ?? Shu zhi
trivia ?? Suoshi
all ? Jie
Charm ??, ??(Meili), ? (Mei) Shenyun
axle ? Zhou
Stiff ??, ??, (?? – Daiban- rigid) Mune, Jiangying
decadent ?? Tuifei
Horizontal ridge ?? Heng long
tedious, boring, dull ??(????-dull language) Fawei
devoted; dedicated; have sth. on one's mind; be troubled ??(????-faithfully, ????- To bear in mind) Genggeng
elixir ? Yi
light and spacious ?? Changliang