Question Answer
anti against
com together
dis away
equi equal
mis bad
intra during
semi half
super over
archy government
itis infection
ician specialist
cise cut
brev short
necro city
pugn fight
ecto outer
plasto molded
agog leader
cle small
il not
sed sit
leg read
anim mind
tort twisted
nym name
sanct holy
meta change
petr rock
mir wonder




volv roll


retro backward
sens feel


ocul eye


care for


oid appearance

gest carry

apt fit
tact touch
voc voice

rid laugh
path feeling
a not


fid faith
caco bad
hetero different
sci know
graph write
lat side
lith rock
tract pull
in in or not
co together
phile love
ine naturn
-ar relating to
hexa six
fract break
platy flat
theo god
fin end
hedron sided object
ambul walk
ous full of
topo place
chrom color
form shape
sequ follow
glyc sweet
hemo blood
ultima last
infra beneath
leuko white
lys break down
meso middle
milli thousandth
mem remember
gress step
labor work
myo muscle
vac empty
ose sugar
osis condition
tude state of
patho disease
phag eat
phor carry
phyt plant
phyll leaf
pleo more
pod foot
soror sister
-a plural
val worth
para beside, near
dom rule
erg work
post after
pre under
syn together
tri three
un not
cide kill
ard always
aqua water
audi hear
bell war
cap take
auto self
port carry
cent one hundred
anthropo man
rhiz root
sapro rotten
schizo divide
som body
spor seed
rhodo rose
taxis arrangement
vol will
frat brother
tox poison
zygo yoke
sect cut
tropo turn
gastro stomach
arthro joint
ventri belly
dors back
macro large
dextro right/clockwise
brachy short
brachio arm
vore eating
kin motion
phylo kind
dialogue conversation between characters
flash back remembering something from a previous time
characteneation how the author has a character come to life