Question Answer
adip fat
aer air
angi vessel
arteri artery
arthr joint
bar weight
bili bile
bronch bronchus
bucc cheek
carcin cancer
cardi heart
cephal head
chondr cartilage
coron crown, circle
crin to secrete
cry cold
cubit elbow
cutane skin
cyan blue
cyst bladder
cyt cell
cyte cell
derm skin
neur nerve
onc tumor
oste bone
path disease
ped child
phag eat, swallow
phleb vein
pneumon air, lung
prandi meal
pulmon lung
ab– away from
ana– again, upward, back
aniso– unequal
ante– before, in front of
anti– against
auto– self
bi– two
bio– life
brady– slow
cata– down
cyan– blue
dia– across, through
dorso– back
dys– difficult
endo– in, within
epi– on, over, upon
erythr– red
exo– outside
extra– outside
hetero– different
homo– same
homeo– same
–ac, –al pertaining to
–algia pain
–ar, –ary pertaining to
–ase enzyme
–centesis sugical puncture to remove fluid
–cyte cell
–ectomy excision, removal
–emia blood circulation
–gram recording, writing
–ia state, condition
–iatr treatment
–ic, –tic pertaining to
–ism state of
–ist one who specializes in
–itis inflammation
–ium structure, tissue
–logist specialist in the study of
–logy study of
–lysis breakdown, destruction
–meter instrument that measures/counts
–ole small
–oma tumor
–ose pertaining to
–osis abnormal condition
–ous pertaining to
–oxia oxygen level
–pathy disease
–penia deficiency
–pnea breathing
–poiesis formation
–rrhage burst forth/excessive flow
–spasm twich, involuntary muscle movement
–stasis stopping, controlling, standing
–tomy cutting, incision
–ule small