Question Answer
What is the difference between a chef's knife and a serrated knife? What is the main food you cut your knife with each? A Serrated knife has teeth-Bread.
A Chef's knife has a smooth edge-Nuts.
When leaving the kitchen after preparing a meal be sure to check the stove and burners to make sure they have been 1. Turned off
2. Cleaned
From where does natural gas get its unmistakable odor? The Gas Company
How do you safely pick up broken glass? With a wet paper towel.
Water heaters should be set between what temperatures? 120-130
List 5 safety rules to remember when working around electricity? 1. Unplug Units
2. Unplug during storms
3. Plug into appliance first
4. Keep appliance away from water
5. Never plug extension cords in
List 5 sanitation rules to remember when working in the kitchen. 1. Wash your hands
2. Check the used by and sell date
3. Cook food to 160
4. Keep raw meats away from cooked foods
List 5 safety rules to remember when working in the kitchen. 1. Keep appliance away from children
2. Turn things off
3. Use sharp knifes
4. Store leftovers
5. Unplug appliance
How is staphylococcus spread? The Food Handler
How is salmonella spread? Raw or undercooked meat, poultry,fish,etc.
What is e-coli? A bacteria found in undercooked beef.
What is the temperature to cook foods to kill food-borne bacteria? 160
Food needs to be kept above or below what temperatures to prevent bacteria from growing? Below 40- Above 140
How long can you leave food at room temperature before bacteria will begin to grow? 2 hours
If you do not have a thermometer, how do you know your hamburger is cooked to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees? The juices run clear.
What is the safest way to store eggs so they stay fresh longer? Put the eggs in the back of the fridge.
Is it better to store eggs in the original carton or in the refrigerator egg holder,why? Original carton so it doesn't get spoiled.
What is Botulism? Improper Canning Procedure
List 3 signs of botulism. 1. Dented Cans
2. Expanded
3. Rusty
List 4 types of measurements used in the kitchen? 1. Temperature
2. Volume
3. Weight
4. Time
List 4 tools for accurate measuring in the kitchen. 1.Measuring Cups and Spoons
2. Therometer
3. Scale
4. Clocks

Why is accurate measuring important? So the food comes out right.
Why can't ordinary tableware be used for measuring spoons and measuring cups? It is not standized.
Can dry ingredients be measured in a liquid measuring cup? Why/ It is not accurate.
What is the correct method for measuring liquids? 1. Liquid Measuring Cups
2. Keep Steady
3. Eye Level
What do you have to remember when measuring brown sugar? You have to pack it tight.
Why is flour sometimes sifted? It adds air
Do you have more in a 1 cup of sifted flour or 1 cup unsifted flour? How much? Sifted
Do you measure before or after sifting flour? After
What is the easiest way to measure butter or margarine? Cutting it with the package on.
What is the difference between butter and margarine? One is natural and one is not.
What is a non-frustrating way to measure ingredients? You spray vegetable oil.
Pound lb.
Cup C
Tablespoon T or tbsp.
Gallon gal.
Quart qt.
Minute min.
Ounce oz.
Teaspoon t or tsp
Pint pt
Hour hr.
1cup=____tablespoons 16
75t.=____tablespoons 25
2qt.=___pints 4
1/2pound=___ounces 8
72=___dozen 6
1hour=___ minutes 60
1quart=____gallon 1/4
1/4cup=___tablespoons 4
1cup=___fluid ounces 8
1qt.=___pints 2
1pound=___ounces 16
8T.=___tablespoons 8
1dz.=___ 12
1tablespoon=___tablespoon 1
1pint=___cups 2
1/2cup=___tablespoon 8
1/3Cup=___Tablespoon & ___teaspoon 5 and 15 1/2