Question Answer Carbs***** low in cost, provide quick and extended energy , Dietary fibers ***** indigestable carb, regulartory agent in GI tract How do carb relation to energy? They are the basic fuel source, energy production system, dietry importance Mono mean? One Monosaccharides: glucose, fructose, galactose Glucose****** single sugar in human metabolism Ex. Glucose Sugar around blood cells to give energy . riper the fruit the more sugar Fructose fruits & honey Galactose ****** product of lactose digestion . not free mono comes from digestion of sugar in milk Disaccharides sucrose, lactose, maltose What does di mean? two Ex of sucrose table sugar Ex of lactose sugar in milk Maltose intermediate breakdown of startch What does you body used first carbs what does your body use second fats what does your body use last proteins How are disaccahrides made? from two mono glucose + fructose ***** sucrose glucose + galactose ***** lactose glucose + glucose ***** maltose polysaccharide complex carbs/made of many sugars Ex of polysaccharides startch, glycogen, dietary fiber Startch: ****** most significant poly, startches are the centeral food for balanced diet , most important dietary carb world wide glycogen **** formed with in the liver and is crucial Examples of startches beans, corn, potatoes, bread/crackers, peas, root veggies, pastas Saiety feeling of being content; happens when you eat more fiber What does the Health organization emphasize? dietary fiber because it reduces fat What does taking in more dietary fibers decrease? cardiovascular disease and diebeties Recommended dietary in take for men and women under 50 women: 25g , men: 38g Cellulose **** cheif components of cell walls in plants Ligin**** is a cellulose, ONLY NON CARB DIETARY FAT, woody part in plants. What gives poo its "bulk" cellulose (fibers) Noncellulose poly's absorb H2O/ swell to larger size, slowing stomach emptying, bind w/ bile What do Ligins bind with ***** bile & acid and comes from the liver Examples of ligins ***** stems of veggies and flaxseed Two types of sweetners nutritive and nonnutritive Nutritive sweetners: man-made , sugar alcohols Examples of nutritive sweetners sorbitol, mannitolm xylitol Nonnutritive sweetners manufcatered , do not supply kilocaleries, can be addictive Examples of nonnutritive sweetners sucrolose, apertaine, saction Functions of carbs***** primary energy function, basic fuel supply What is glycogen ***** a carb What does the reserve of carbs do? **** makes glucose stay where it needs to be Order carbs are used 1: ***** glycogen from the liver first, liver stores 100g of glycogen 2nd in order of how carbs are use **** muscles 300-400g What does the liver do ***** glygogen reserves maintains overall energy balance What do carbs protect protein and fat supply What system depends on constant carb supply centeral nervous system What is key when it comes to sugars? ***** MODERATION , added sugars are empty carbs Enzymes: in mouth **** salivary amylase mastication ***** mechanical process in mouth that breaks down food peristasis **** continue breakdown (startches poly) chyne **** liquid in stomach what do startches equal**** glycogen which is a poly